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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Again, here I hope to save a few fellow tax payers some time and possibly hardware. I have just spent two to three hours on this one and my head is still spinning. I'm joking about the hardware, I have a strict "three strikes and out" policy towards cruelty to IO devices.
I was unit testing some code I was writing for VFP Solution Explorer. The code was doing some type discovery of sorts on some user defined class instances based on the Empty class. In particular, I was using AMEMBERS() to place the properties of the passed object into an array.
I had similar code in a number of places and it was working in all but one. After a lengthy process of elimination, it turned out the only difference was the code that was failing was inside a FOR EACH...NEXT loop.
The following sample code demonstrates this

Local oCollection As Collection, oUser As Object, lnIndex As Integer


* Create an instance of a collection class so we can iterate

*     through the collection using For Each..Next and For..Next

oCollection = NewObject("Collection")


* Add a couple user defined objects to the collection

For lnIndex = 1 to 3


      * Create an user defined object with a couple of properties

      oUser = NewObject("Empty")

      AddProperty(oUser, "Property1", "Value1")

      AddProperty(oUser, "Property2", "Value2")


      * Add to collection




* Output the number of properties returned by AMembers() when

*     passed our user defined object in different ways


? "* First item of collection" + Chr(9), "Properties found: ", AMembers(laAtttributes, oCollection(1), 0)


* Using a For Each...Next loop

For Each oUser In oCollection

      ? "* For Each loop" + Chr(9) + Chr(9), "Properties found: ", AMembers(laAtttributes, oUser, 0)




* Using a For...Next loop

For lnIndex = 1 To oCollection.Count

      oUser = oCollection.Item(lnIndex)

      ? "* For Next loop" + Chr(9) + Chr(9), "Properties found: ", AMembers(laAtttributes, oUser, 0)



Notice, when inside a FOR EACH..NEXT loop, AMEMBERS() fails to retrieve any property information from the user defined object.
I favour using FOR EACH...NEXT loops over FOR...NEXT loops as I like to work with collections over arrays. But even when using arrays, Fox allows me to keep consistent and use FOR EACH...NEXT loops when iterating through arrays...perhaps not?
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