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Sunday, November 20, 2005

COM Servers shutting down

I've been working with COM servers in Fox for some time now and I am still finding new tips and functions that help me solve issues. I thought I might share one issue and its solution with the hope it may save you a few precious hours, perhaps days.
The issue arose when a business object I was exposing as web service would suddenly shutdown and stop responding to requests. The object was written in 8.0 and compiled as a multi-threaded dll. I then installed the component into a COM+ application and exposed it as a web service.
The business object would query a Fox database, transform the resultant dataset into xml, and pass the xml document string back down the wire to the caller. This solution tested well in development and I deployed to the client's production environment where it ran successfully. Another satisfied client...or so I thought.
A few days went by when the client contacted me and reported the web service had just stopped responding. I was able to confirm this from my location and decided to log onto their server and check the logs. After establishing the remote desktop connection, I found no logs reporting component failure or trouble with the IIS service. So I test again locally, and hey it works. Further tests from my remote location are also successful.
So what we had was a web service that would suddenly stop responding and the act of logging onto the IIS server seem to fix the problem. It took a number of days, and many shutdowns, to identify the cause of the issue. We found that Fox was responding to the log off event of the console account and shutting down.
After much research, I had one of those great Fox moments. I came across an obscure SYS function that completely solved my problem.
SYS(2340 [,0 | 1 ])
This function intercepts Windows logoff messages (WM_QUERYENDSESSION and WM_ENDSESSION) to Visual FoxPro and specifies whether to keep Visual FoxPro COM Server instances running or to shut them down. A Visual FoxPro application will terminate when the current user logs off Windows. If the application is a Windows Service, then that service will terminate. Enabling support for NT service will make it possible for Visual FoxPro applications to continue even if the current user logs off Windows.
I added one line of code to the Init() of my business object

* Enable NT support
SYS(2340, 1)

re-compiled and deployed to the client. Now my Fox component, exposed as a web service via COM+, ignores the Windows log off notifications preventing the service from shutting down.
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